My family always encouraged me to pursue my interests, both in school and in life. Those interests led me to work in the jewelry auction industry in NYC, to report and write for the Miami Herald, and to take photography classes, starting in high school at Ransom Everglades in Coconut Grove.

In the auction business I learned how to structure deals, but also to negotiate with dealers. In journalism, I learned how to capture and tell compelling stories. To unwind, I took photos. I wanted to improve my skills, but I found it boring and ineffective to learn from a book or the web, and craved learning in real life, just as I had done in school. But finding just the right class and knowing if it was any good proved to be harder than it should be today. And it turns out that was the case for my friends who wanted to take cooking classes, and every other class, as well.

I got the entrepreneurship bug in college when I won some money at the University of Miami business plan competition, but I felt too young and inexperienced to build a company then. Now, more than a decade later, the business experience I gained coupled with the writing and photography skills, seemed like just the right combination for designing and building an online continuing education platform that would help people learn locally. Below are a couple of my favorite photos from South Florida.

I hope that Skillied helps you pursue your interests, and I’d love to hear where those interests take you.

Marcella McCarthy
Co Founder + CEO