Amateur radio club station in michigan

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While the situation surrounding COVID is still variable for the school year, the Amateur Radio Club will still be hosting numerous exciting speakers!

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To allow for students to participate, we will be meeting on Zoom. We will have presentations on interesting topics related to amateur radio each month, as well as other meetings related to other activities as needed. Everyone is welcome to us at our club meetings.

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Some updates from the year can be found below:. Inthe University of Michigan started a high altitude balloon program. The balloons are launched to aboutfeet, where they burst, and the payload drops back to the ground with a parachute.

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Back then, the communications were done with a hand-held radio with a TNC. There was a lot of experimentation with communications systems back then, with the team trying MHz systems and UHF systems. Eventually, we settled on APRS Over the last 15 years, everything has changed with microcontrollers and GPS units and even radios. We have formed student teams to launch balloons and started classes to teach students about the systems.

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We have launched about balloons and have had many adventures! Jan Check out this flyer pdf describing our club. Plus, a walking tour of the Control Room from the operators perspective. UM has increased the hours of enforcement of parking permits on a couple of lots.

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Fortunately there are still two other good options. Lot NC48, on Hayward near Murfin is probably the best choice.

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It is free after 5 pm and almost always has plenty of space in the evenings. The best route is to go down the steps out of the east side of the parking lot, pass the Beyster building on the right, and then take the outdoor stairway underneath the Beyster building down to the diag area.

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Turn left and go to the west entrance of EECS. The left green line drawn on the attached parking map shows this route. Another possibility is to park in lot NC28 behind the Space Research Building; that lot is also free after 5 pm. From there, exit the parking lot to the west, come down the hill to the corner Hayward and Beal, then cross Hayward and follow Beal down to the east entrance of EECS. The right green line drawn on the map shows this route.

Amateur radio club station in michigan

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